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Breach (2020)


On the cusp of fatherhood, a junior mechanic aboard an interstellar ark to New Earth must outwit a malevolent cosmic terror intent on using the spaceship as a weapon.

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Breach YIFY Torrent
Director :
John Suits

Writer :

Edward Drake, Corey Large

Actors :
Cody Kearsley| Bruce Willis| Rachel Nichols| Kassandra Clementi|

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Best Review:

“Breach” is the name of the newest Canadian sci-fi action movie, which literally just recently broke out on the domestic big screens. To be honest, I was personally inspired to go to the cinema in our difficult and even dangerous time – the name of Bruce Willis on the poster of the picture. And the movie did not disappoint me!

Yes, it is essentially a B movie. Yes, it’s a generic slapstick action movie. Yes, it is a now extinct, almost legendary subspecies – the corridor shooter-thriller. When heroes with assault rifles and flamethrowers run through dirty dark corridors to barbecue some unearthly aggressive Krakozabra. Or that crustacean is out in the halls looking for someone to have lunch with…

It’s pure nostalgia. It’s like that first “Alien” (at maximum minimal settings, of course). It’s like that time legendary “Legion” movie from 1998 (where a group of soldiers went to clean up the underground of some extraterrestrial base – and bumped into a monster-killer there). I’d also think of the old Lost in Space. And “Pandorum.”

What does “Breach” tell us? On Earth, an ecological disaster and some kind of pandemic. The population is passionate about the fight for freedom, that is pogroms and create terrorist insurgent groups. The authorities have built superstellar ships that will take the selected millions of colonists somewhere very, very far away, on the planet New Earth. And so starts the last giant of space, called “Hercules” … The start, millions of passengers peacefully fall asleep in the icy embrace of cryosleep, on watch there are only a few technicians, cleaners and guards. And then things started to happen… Horror and blood on the walls, in short.

Well, let’s be honest – the film’s budget was obviously very, very optimized. Bruce Willis obviously had to be paid at least a couple of million bucks… That’s why the guns here are going to look really cheap. Just really cheap. But I liked the starship model. And the actors… They were able to choose the characters very well. And Bruce Willis. He didn’t do much, but he played his role honestly. He is a cool bald guy, a bit of a rebel, a bit of an alcoholic and just a good fighter. In general, the hero is not his face in the dirt. Hail, Bruce! This is your second good role this year, counting Orphan Brooklyn.

All in all, it’s almost a movie for a select few. For those who played “DOOM”, who remember the good old inexpensive sci-fi action movies from cable and videotape…

The ending is also quite… typical. Can’t say I liked it, but for the sake of Bruce, the Admiral and a bunch of fighting gentlemen and even one lady…

Normal (for its narrow but important niche) this movie turned out to be.


Nostalgia. Anciently filmed, stylish (ie dark and dystopian) corridor shooter-thriller. Bruce and the gang versus cosmic horror.

Personally, I loved it!

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