Confess, Fletch (2022)


After becoming the prime suspect in multiple murders, Fletch strives to prove his innocence while simultaneously searching for his fiancé’s stolen art collection.

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Director :
Greg Mottola

Writer :

Greg Mottola, Zev Borow, Gregory McDonald

Actors :
Jon Hamm | Roy Wood Jr. | Ayden Mayeri | Lorenza Izzo

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Best Review:

We’ve come such a long way since London, was graced by the advance PRtour of ‘Fletch Lives’, with nearly 12 cast members attending the evening adjacent to ‘The Rose Theatre’, actually nearly 32.5 years, geeZze. So the classic George Macdonald, character has been abit overlong stuck upon those Xmas elves shelves, finally with the awesome John Hamm, we have a wonderful return of the investigator ‘I. M. Fletch’!!

European traveller now, (or retired bumm?), Fletch (J. HAMM), garrotts his Italian adjectives to woo himself his latest hot-stuff romantic interest (Daughter of a Duke), Angela De Grazzi, (Actress: Lorrenza Izza), but due to her ex-boyfriends shenanigans and Step-Mothers flighty activity get’s persuaded that her new rogue can travel back to ‘Boston’, to seek the return of some valuable Art works on her behalf.

Where this will significantly diverge from the written story (book format ; yes confess who has read some?), they are based upon wisdom & intelligence forged from critical analysis of society back in 1970’s, this modern update has alot of the satirical-Bite removed and replaced by a modern set., slightly evolved politically-correct version.

As is the norm for many thrillers over the Millennium, you’ll discover the brilliant beginning simultaneously as the mystery gets ‘solved’, but the screen play has many funny detours produced by the considerable range of ‘Herring’ characters who as co-stars go.., fare very well for an ensemble.

PisSshhtt!., RP & KM both have street-cred from April 1989, so any amateur sleuths can attempt that (iRL) clue!?!

In short ; it’s not a skit heavy SNL wannabe but quite a mild re-introduction to..,

‘ FLETCH !!’ for 2021+ movie goers.

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