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Jiu Jitsu (2020)


A new Sci-Fi Martial Arts franchise from Dimitri Logothetis, Director/Producer of Kickboxer: Retaliation.

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Jiu Jitsu YIFY Torrent
Director :
Dimitri Logothetis

Writer :

Dimitri Logothetis (Writer), Jim McGrath (Writer)

Actors :
Nicolas Cage| Marie Avgeropoulos| Frank Grillo| Tony Jaa|

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Best Review:

The world doesn’t seem to need another “Kickboxer” sequel, so the author of the last movie about him (“Kickboxer Returns”) named Dimitri Logothetis decided to turn to a different kind of martial arts. Well, as martial arts… if a movie about a hallucinogenic alien invasion and the involvement of a hairy and bearded elderly Cage can be fit into such a project, then yes, it’s quite a martial arts spectacle. In practice, “Jiu Jitsu” is related to the 2020 movie only in that it is a stream of relentless savagery that liquefies the brain, makes you cry bloody tears and only further aggravates the psychological state of any individual affected by a brutal reality.

A certain guy named Jake, trapped somewhere in Burma, suffers from amnesia and cannot explain how he got here, nor the wounds all over his body. The mystery man is taken into custody by American soldiers, and the girl Myra wants to get to the bottom of the situation. Jake is kidnapped by Harrigan and his squad of fighters, and the wise teacher Nicholas Cage tells him that long ago from a galaxy far, far away an alien came to Earth, summoning every six years the best warriors on Earth for a jiu-jitsu duel. Jake soon realizes his importance to the world.

The plot, a fusion of Mortal Kombat and Predator, is unspecific, and the very name of the jiu-jitsu fighting style was chosen except for the red word. This is an odd approach for an action movie, but Jiu Jitsu Torrent doesn’t really look much like an action movie either. It is more of a sci-fi, and a very cheap one at that, especially in spiritual terms: the tricks of the plot here serve only to bring the protagonist face-to-face with an outsider. At the same time, the script is also weak in detail: the movie takes at least an hour to touch on Jake’s backstory, and even with the cards revealed, everything remains murky.

The motion picture clearly tried to be stylish, but lost grace behind the style. The movie is made with the sleeves: there are a lot of general plans, insecure exposition, and the abuse of cheap special effects erases the atmosphere altogether. In addition, apparently because of the desire to inject a special mood, “Jiu Jitsu” is full of comic-book-style animated panels. It’s unclear why this was done: something like this doesn’t look cool and can’t even be an excuse for nonsensical nonsense.

Despite all the portions of schizophrenic insanity, this project boasts our favorite, Nicolas Cage. As the crazy version of Raiden, Cage succeeded, except his charisma evaporated somewhere. Even though “Jiu Jitsu” comes alive in every scene that features a grinning Cage, it still fails to shake up the absurd exposition.

In the end, “Jiu Jitsu” is simply ridiculous. In another form, it could probably be considered a “Kung Fury” style parody, but somehow it feels like the project was created in all seriousness. The tone is unmistakable and at best the movie can claim to be as bad as it is good in certain circles: a realization like Weiso’s “Room” and the like. From plot holes (like an alien invasion that doesn’t make much sense in the context of the local movie universe) to the approach to filmmaking: the villain design here isn’t particularly memorable and not at all interesting…so, Predator on a budget. Even the idea of amnesia in the script doesn’t really matter: the protagonist has no reason to lose his memory other than to stretch a five-minute plot into a whole movie. And Cage, the public favorite, was apparently frustrated by such a low quality of the movie: you can feel the pain of a biblical scale in his gaze, which probably cannot be relieved by the rapidly falling royalties.

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