Kong: Skull Island (2017)


A washed up monster chaser convinces the U.S. Government to fund a trip to an unexplored island in the South Pacific. Under the guise of geological research, the team travels to “Skull Island”. Upon arrival, the group discover that their mission may be complicated by the wildlife which inhabits the island. The beautiful vistas and deadly creatures create a visually stunning experience that is sure to keep your attention.—Jason Burns

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Quality: Very Good   Size: Small
Director :
Jordan Vogt-Roberts

Writer :

Dan Gilroy, Max Borenstein, Derek Connolly

Actors :
Tom Hiddleston | Samuel L. Jackson | Brie Larson | John C. Reilly

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Best Review:

I saw this movie when I was in the army but alas I didn’t had the chance to watch the whole movie so I decided to watch it today. So the theme of the movie is how people attack for no good reason therefore the movie starts from WW2, then Vietnam and then basically for no good reason some people go to an unknown island with an army and hand-picked experts in a particular field regarding this expedition like they going to a family trip out of the city to enjoy the picnic and for no good reason they attack to a giant ape that is the guardian of the island and of course this animal defends its home, other animals and itself from these people who spread into the island like a virus and attack other animals for no reason while they enjoying how monster they are. It’s not a nice entertainment to watch people being a monster and primitive.

Homo sapiens as the animal species you know as “humans” are the only animal species that kill for fun and the only animal species that kill its own kind basically for no good reason. Other animal species are peaceful but they only attack to hunt and to defend their own life or their own species. When an animal fears for their own life and/or their loved ones they lose their mind and protect themselves by doing what’s necessary but only humans attack as a form of entertainment and they can be too insane and mentally ill to feel good when they believe they are a survivor and whatnot like it matters. Even bears, wolves and sharks (the most popular fearsome animals by humans) don’t disrespect the territory of other animals unless they are hungry so even these animals care to live in peace which is why animals stay away from where people live unless they are too hungry but people hunt animals for useless stuff like making an animal species go extinct just because to use dead bodies of these animal species to produce makeup stuff and whatnot trivial stuff. Would you feel good when an alien race uses the dead bodies of humans to produce makeup? So in this movie we see the unfiltered POV on how evolution took a wrong turn and thus homo sapiens came into existence and how they attack themselves and other species for no good reason.

The movie itself doesn’t target a particular audience therefore they tried to make the movie have stuff that can interest every kind of usual audience but it backfired for me: Visuals somewhat seem childish therefore it’s repulsive. For example, they sit in a bar and for some reason the bar has an artistic lighting style like they are not after hiring a crew for the team but their main goal is being a model for an artistic photo shot – artistic direction-wise that bar scene didn’t make sense. In the movie there is a particular man and woman to interest perverts as sexual objects and therefore there was a somewhat romantic aspect of the movie which wasn’t apropos for a movie like this. Why there are lots of weird animal species and why we had to watch some soldiers surviving on that island and being killed by these weird animals? Why there are native humans there and how could they even survive? Why there are so many pointless and trivial conversations in the movie?

Whoever developed this movie may think complexity and deep lore are always a good thing but in reality as an ordinary audience we decided to watch this movie because of its poster and the name of the movie obviously. In the poster we see a giant ape and soldiers so we think a giant ape attacking to people so people have to defend themselves but the poster misleads the audience so we watch the movie and realize the movie is way more complex than the poster makes it seem. I got bored of its first 20 minutes due to too many lectures on the goal of some men and them searching for particular crew members for the team. I never liked such movies. Just get to the point fast. Then I didn’t like to see people attacking a peaceful animal for no good reason which the moment the giant ape was being attacked was probably why most audiences stopped watching the movie and hated the movie. Whoever wrote the story should learn people don’t like to watch people attacking an animal for no good reason. That’s why basic stories tend to start with how some evil endangers innocent people and then we learn what some people do to protect these innocent people so the audience can be okay with people attack to this evil being. But in this movie the real evil being was never the giant ape. The real evil being was always the humans so how the audience as a human being would be entertained to watch an innocent giant ape defending itself from humans? Thanks to writers and directors for reminding me how we as humans should be shamed to be human and we should wish to reincarnate as a cat in our next life. I bet so many kids were traumatized watching this nonsense movie. Any decent human being would hate this movie. The whole movie is like watching some home burglars attacking a dog that tries to defend itself and the house from home burglars – that’s not a nice thing to watch.

Other than these, the cinematography is textbook. Nothing creative at all. Visual art-direction targets the young audience by making the visual cartoonish-style that kids love with lively colours and all but the visuals and theme of the movie are not in harmony therefore the art-direction is very wrong in this movie. When a movie is depressive you use a non-lively depressive colour filter to make the audience feel what kind of reality the movie has. But in this movie visual style is like some innocent summer fun like some family enjoying swimming on Miami beach but in reality in this movie people and lots of animals die horribly and they do anything to survive. Watching this movie is like listening to some happy melody that has very depressive lyrics.

Psychology-wise what characters does doesn’t make sense. The writers clearly didn’t understand being a soldier is ensuring peace, not being a terrorist even to animals therefore what the commander does doesn’t make sense. A soldier understands even the enemy soldier is after protecting themselves and their own country and that’s why a soldier respects animals who protect their own land and whatever. Weirdly the writers understood the psychologycal state of two enemy WW2 soldiers but then how could they write a story that soldiers attacking an obvious guardian of the island? Soldiers are not hunters so this movie itself insults soldiers. A soldier is a soldier no matter the era, culture and country they lived in. So in this movie soldiers are made fun of and labelled as hunters. Hunters kill for fun, soldiers are not a killer. Soldiers are protectors of peace. If the army of a country is not a protector of peace then they are no soldiers, they are a terrorist. If soldiers are used to killing animals then they are no soldiers, they are hunters. No soldier is okay being a terrorist and hunter which is basically why soldiers don’t like wars as any sane people. But in this movie soldiers are made to seem like they love action and pointless war which is an insult to soldiers. What do you think a real soldier is? Don’t think, go learn.

This movie could be better if the script was decent. I’m actually surprised if the movie company didn’t have a decent quality control team or something because obviously this movie is bad so I have no idea how they were okay to even release this movie. Even its IMDB score is actually higher than I expected. It’s not so bad movie but bad decisions are all over the place therefore I cannot recommend the movie.

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