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Skylines (2020)


When a virus threatens to turn the now earth-dwelling friendly alien hybrids against humans, Captain Rose Corley must lead a team of elite mercenaries on a mission to the alien world in order to save what’s left of humanity.

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Skylines YIFY Torrent
Director :
Liam O'Donnell

Writer :

Matthew E. Chausse (story by), Joshua Cordes (characters created by), Liam O'Donnell (story by), Liam O'Donnell

Actors :
Lindsey Morgan| Rhona Mitra| James Cosmo| Alexander Siddig|

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Best Review:

Back in 2010, when “Skyline” was released, it was hard to realize that a sci-fi thriller about an alien invasion would spawn an entire franchise. The picture then did not please either the audience or the critics. Even the box office receipts of the sequel in 2017 were terrible. But the greed of the producers led to the fact that the flywheel of creating a bad movie could not be stopped, so the third part came out. The creators apparently believed that the threequel would be to “Skyline” what “Aliens” was to “Alien” and brazenly copied the formula: they borrowed the plot and character archetypes.

If you haven’t followed much of the “Skyline” storyline, the prologue will summarize the gist with the help of sliced footage. The girl Rose, a human-alien hybrid, led the Earthlings to victory over a people from another world. Several years later, the authorities turn to Rose again: evil aliens have unleashed a virus that causes members of their race, who remain on Earth and wish to coexist peacefully with humans, to return to their savage instincts and thus take over the planet. The government prepares an entire team to invade the alien world and steal there an object capable of neutralizing the effects of the virus.

After arriving on an alien world, the group confronts the natives in an attempt to get their hands on the coveted macguffin. This time, things are pretty ridiculous: first, a lot of martial arts fighting has been added to the action scenes, and second, the motives of the villains are not very clear. An unexpected plot twist, of course, slightly lifts the veil over the actions of the antagonists, but it is not enough: it is not very clear what is at stake. Meanwhile, plotlines of their own are unfolding on Earth: doctors are trying to develop a vaccine, and the rebels are fighting aliens that have returned to their predatory selves. Neither the first nor the second storylines of “Skyline 3” work: they constantly shuffle among themselves, and the overall point of the movie still lies in the fights and chases.

No one in the cast particularly stands out. Lindsay Morgan is a capable actress of the “warrior woman” type, but she simply gets lost in such a poor project. The rest of the actors also do not grab stars from the sky and dissolve into a pale narration.

Although “Skyline 3” seems to rely on action, the effects are rather poor. Sure, the creators saved money again, and if you take into account that the computer graphics were not worked on by the most outstanding professionals and were not made in a studio setting, “Skylane 3” is impressive. Now, however, it needs a lot more than just computer graphics, and the “Skyline” threequel lags behind even in details like editing and bombastic soundtrack.

The creator of “Skylan 3” clearly lacked the necessary directing skills to bring his ideas to life. The fight scenes may be competent for a B-movie, but the script is terrible, containing many clichés and predictable moments. Worst of all, the finale offers a setup for the next chapter of the saga, which completely erases all the sci-fi momentum the sequel seemed to be going for.

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