The Conservation Game (2021)

  • Release: 2021   ( 01 Apr 2021 )
  • Genre:  ✯ Documentary
  • Language: English
  • Country: United States
  • Runtime: 107 mins
  • Rating: 8 10 9534
  • Quality:  ✯ 1080P WebRip ✯ 720P WebRip
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Set against the backdrop of a heated national debate on captive big cats in America, THE CONSERVATION GAME follows the story of Tim Harrison, an Ohio cop who stumbles upon a bombshell discovery while undercover at an exotic animal auction. He starts to suspect that America’s top television celebrity conservationists may be secretly connected to the exotic pet trade. What follows is a high-stakes game of cat and mouse, filled with lies, deception, and cover-ups. As his investigation leads deeper into the secret world of the big cat trade, Tim and his team take their fight to the halls of Congress, pressing lawmakers to pass federal legislation that would end the private breeding and exploitation of these endangered animals. But when opposition comes from an unexpected source, Tim is forced to face the demons of his own past, while wrestling with the consequences of exposing his childhood hero.

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Director :
Michael Webber

Writer :


Actors :
Carole Baskin| Howard Baskin| Keith Gad|

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