The Twin (2022)

  • Release: 2022   (14 Apr 2022)
  • Genre:  ✯ Horror ✯ Mystery ✯ Thriller
  • Language: English
  • Country: Finland
  • Runtime: 109 mins
  • Rating: 5 101671
  • Quality:  ✯ 1080P WebRip ✯ 720P WebRip
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In the aftermath of a tragic accident that killed their son, Rachel and Anthony decide to move to the other side of the world and focus on their surviving twin son Elliot. What begins as a time of healing and isolation in the Scandinavian countryside turns into a desperate battle for the very soul of their child, as an entity claiming to be his dead twin brother takes over Elliot – setting Rachel on a diabolical journey to unravel the horrible truth about his twin.

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Director :
Taneli Mustonen

Writer :

Aleksi Hyvärinen, Taneli Mustonen

Actors :
Teresa Palmer | Steven Cree | Tristan Ruggeri | Barbara Marten

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Best Review:

The film interested me first of all in its subject matter. We’ve seen a lot of movies about ghosts, old houses and forests, but the trailer for “Gemini” promised, among other things, a very twisted story which is worth puzzling over. Also, the title role was played by Teresa Palmer (“For Reasons of Conscience”, “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”), and it is already a weighty reason to start watching it.

Now let’s talk about the plot. Rachel and Anthony are a married couple with a lot of happy moments in their lives. The most memorable of them was the birth of twins, Elliot and Nathan. But it happened that Nathan was killed in a car accident, and Elliot was left on his own. Naturally, this is a great misfortune, which is difficult to deal with, and therefore the family decides to move to a new home. But here, too, they will have no peace.

Young Elliot claims that he is talking to his twin brother, and this frightens Rachel, who herself is in shattered feelings. The mother doesn’t want her only remaining son to experience acute distress at all, but all indications are that Nathan has indeed returned from the other side and is subjugating Nathan’s will. Trying to help her son cope with the otherworldly presence, Rachel eventually confronts a real horror that is not at all easy to endure.

On the one hand, “The Twin” may seem like a fairly typical horror film, but I advise you not to jump to conclusions. The film proved to be deep and thoughtful, especially as far as family drama goes, and that’s not to mention that it can scare even the most resistant viewer. There are a lot of screeches here that produce the appropriate effect, and the protagonist, played by Teresa Palmer, becomes the real jewel of the story.

Palmer is a mother of many children in her life, which is why she played the role of Rachel so sensitively and truthfully. There’s nothing worse when you lose your child. And when you begin to feel that evil has come for a second one as well, you will definitely do everything possible and impossible to save your most precious person from an unhappy fate. Personally, I was completely convinced by Teresa Palmer’s experiences with her character, which means the movie is already much more than just an attraction.

I’d also like to note the unique Finnish flavor that embellished the story and gave it an intriguing twist. Every province has its own special customs and culture, and in this film we see what the locals live by and why they are suspicious because of their unusual beliefs. So not everything here is as simple as it may seem. The film is multi-layered and it pleased me with that.

“Gemini” boldly falls into the category of horror movies that can both frighten and be memorable. I liked everything here, from the intriguing introduction to the dramatic, unpredictable ending. I think I’ll come back to this movie and revisit it at some point, because “Gemini” certainly can’t be called a one-off horror flick. So I wish everyone the most interesting and scary viewing.

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