Waking Up to Danger (2021)

  • Release: 2021   (1 Aug 2021)
  • Genre:  ✯ Thriller
  • Language: English
  • Country: United States
  • Runtime: 85 mins
  • Rating: 6
  • Quality:  ✯ 1080P WebRip ✯ 720P WebRip
    * WebRip: same quality as BluRay, but ripped earlier from a streaming service

A young mother attempts to pick up the pieces after a horrible accident damages her memory, but she soon begins to suspect that her husband’s indiscretions are what caused her suffering and her whole family might still be in danger.

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Quality: Very Good   Size: Small
Director :
Troy Scott

Writer :

John F. Hayes

Actors :
Keith Arbuthnot | Donna Benedicto | Erin Boyes | Hamza Fouad

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Best Review:

Warning: Spoilers
Typical Lifetime plotline (not a dig, it just is), but the acting and the pacing were good. I always get a kick out of seeing Hallmark actors on Lifetime. The main reason I watched is bc I recognized all three leads. The villain was nuts. I’ve only seen her play nice on HM, but she was devious here. The only thing is the end tried to make her seem crazy and sure she was psycho, but she was fully aware of her actions.

I was a little confused about the timeline. It seemed like Arianna had suspicions about Rick cheating on her before the accident, but when Rick told Jordan to leave him alone, it seemed like he just had moments of weakness (not excusing him of course) while Arianna was in the coma. Although at the same time, Jordan did cause the accident.

I did appreciate that they showed Arianna in rehab. You don’t just resume life after waking up like a few LM movies want us to believe, so that was an appreciated detail. I enjoyed the fight scene at the end….it was decently choreographed and it was much better than a villain just taking a frying pan to the head with a one-liner and/or being able to escape undetected while bleeding out. I’m glad this movie had a proper ending that let us know what happened to the characters.

It’s worth a watch and maybe a repeat watch. There wasn’t anything mind numbingly ridiculous like we see in a lot of these movies.

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